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About us...

Fly fishing in the Bahamas is one of the most seeked after adventures and for good reason! An archipelago of 700 beautiful Islands and Cays are surrounded by pristine flats making it an ideal spot for anglers all across the world to enjoy. 

'Fly Fishing Nassau' is located in the capital, New Providence. We focus on fulfilling your overall fishing goals whether using a fly or spin rod. 
Explore inlets and mangrove habitats while stalking schools of bones. Fish inshore for mackerel, snapper and/or grouper species. Other species that you might encounter and take a cast at include permit, triggerfish, barracuda and/or many other possible salt water species.
Take a relaxing cruise to nearby private beaches and cays where you can explore, snorkel and float your problems away. 

We love what we do so whether a novice or experienced angler, the team here at Fly Fishing Nassau has the knowledge and tackle you will need to create unforgettable moments. 

We have what it takes to make your trip a safe and enjoyable experience.



Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless

Offering us the best of both worlds; stable and smooth riding, access to 'skinny' waters and able to handle 'Nassau's' chop like a pro.

Complete with a trolling motor, live-well, ample casting room!



Born and raised on the island of New Providence, Kristofer took an interest to the world of fishing from a very young age. “At the age of 5 or 6 I just wanted to be around the boats and see what everyone was catching. He fell in love with the sport of fly fishing after meeting an ‘island-famous’ bonefish Guide 

( S. Walker ) who showed him the ropes. He has been hooked ever since on the beautiful art of fly fishing, given the peaceful habitat and exhilarating moments that come with it. 

"Tight Lines"


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